Bespoke Gin

Over the years we have had the great pleasure of helping make Gin enthusiasts dreams of having their very own Gin come true.

Are you ready to make your own Gin a reality???

Meet the Team

Speak to Dee and then visit our Cheltenham distillery, (or via Zoom/Teams) and have a consultative chat with our master distiller Jo, she will guide you through how your Gin will go from just an idea to bottles of your very own Gin.

Vision of Gin

This bit is very important, do you know what you want to do with your Gin??? (Yes I know drink it and sell it!!!) Is it for cocktails, do you want a good all-rounder or do you just want it for a good old G&T ? We can help you with the best thing for you.


This is one of the best bits!!! Work with Jo our flavour creator and choose the right botanicals to make the perfect Gin!!! She will then make a sample for you to taste, test and approve.


Come and meet ‘The Still’ and see the technology we use to make your Gin. It’s worth a visit just to see our stills and rotary evaporators to make your own Gin, (think breakin’ Bad) This method of distillation gives crisper and cleaner flavours, but you can tell us when you try!!!


The finishing touch to the bottle is the label.