1825 Gin with French Juniper


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The History of Gin underlines the UK’s colonial links of the British Empire to the outside world. Combing Gin with tonic water began in India during the nineteenth century. In 1825 British Office began to mix Gin and their daily ration of quinine tonic.

Made with Wenlock Spring, a unique water, filtered through the Wenlock Edge in Shropshire, and then bottled at source in its purest form.

The Colonial Gin has been in our flavour book for sometime, and is regularly used in our tasting experiences. During 2017 we were given some lovely fresh Juniper from one of our supports, that they had collected whilst visiting their holiday home in France. So we made some just for the tasting room, to allow our Gin Tasting customers to experience the difference between dry and fresh/French juniper. After lot’s of requests we have decided to release a limited batch for sale.

Tasting Notes

A smooth crisp Gin with the fresh French juniper at the forefront, citrus notes of lemon and orange, exquisitely finished.

Serving Suggestions

Serve over ice with tonic. Our choice of garnish for a full taste experience is a slice of pink grapefruit, lime being the alternative.