Limited Edition Sloe & Plum Gin


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This extremely limited edition of Sloe & Plum 50cl Gin is a limited batch of just 32 Bottles. The batch was made using forage fruit from Gloucestershire. The fruit was then steeped for several months with sugar to create the perfect winter drink.

The base Gin used was selected for it’s warmth and full bodied flavour.

Made with Wenlock Spring, a unique water, filtered through the Wenlock Edge in Shropshire, and then bottled at source in its purest form.

A balance of both slow and plum on the nose. Soft light plum notes at the forefront, supported by citrus notes of the Gin. Strong Slow finish with added warmth from the Gin.

Perfect neat over ice in a brandy glass for a winter sipper or add a measure to a champagne flute and top up with sparking wine to make the Brennen and Brown Royale.